Hair Brand Story-Founder

Nico, the CEO of Seditty Hair Company, when he was young, he had know the hair extension, because he follow his Mom to know this area, so he is influenced by what one constantly sees and hears in his Childhood. When he is sufficiently strong, he build the hair company for selling the hair extensions to the foreigner since 2005. This hair brand start and develop from Mr.Nico. From now one ,Seditty Hair supply already been for over 11 years in hair produce and hair wholesale.

Brand Story-Hair Company

SedittyHair is the Main Brand of our company like the Janet, and the other is Seditty, Mishell, Anytime, 3D cubic,etc. From 2005 to now, our CEO is hot for the hair extensions in market, no matter how the situation for the market, Nico always do not give up, the goods like his children, he have deep love for them, and he have got back the feedback from the customers and got the reputation among the customers, he think the market for the hair extension is the big cake, it must be develop very well in the future, for the quality of his goods have got the approval in the market, he wants the customers remember his human hair products like the Janet, and also want to make the goods belong to himself, and give the best to the customers and consumers, so 2 years after 2005, he build his own brand Seditty hair , ever since  our  hair supply  already  more than 11 years history, it has been established the deep affection with customers, that why when customers come to China just find the hair shops with the green color. In the future, Our hair brand will be know by more and more people and we will keep doing better and better.