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FREE LACE CLOSURE for mid-year promotion in July –SedittyHair

free lace closure

FREE LACE CLOSURE for mid-year promotion in July –SedittyHair Good news today. July is coming. And SedittyHair will celebrate the annual event in July. Big promotions month, if you miss it, you will miss a lot of discounts. Here below we will append the discount details, please do not miss any words and see clearly. Promotions Details: A: 360 Lace Frontal 1: Order […]



4 SECRETS TO MAKE HAIR THICKER! I’m going to show you a bunch of make hair thicker than before. Actually is I have four secrets to let hair healthy and stronger. Hopefully, will help you out if you are a thin hair sufferer like myself thin hair is unbelievably depressing.  I mean I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy. I know people with the care tend […]

Bleached hair care:11 ways to care for bleached hair quickly

bleached hair care

Bleached hair care:11 ways to care for bleached hair quickly It definitely damages a lot of people’s hair a lot. People with curly hair have trouble dyeing their hair colors of the rainbow. Because they know that bleach is a really harsh chemical. It can ruin your hair. It can fry it and it can mess […]

The Black Woman and the Black Beauty Myth

black woman beauty myth

The Black Woman and the Black Beauty Myth In our life, we always said: Natural is beautiful. Yes, there is no doubt that nowadays, how important natural it is. But we can not deny that, sometimes, fake things really make us different and more beautiful. As we all know, what does the fake hair mean […]

How to grow baby hair faster and longer?

baby hair grow

Grow baby hair faster and longer tips   1.Use your fingers could help grow baby hair better I’m happy to help so the first tip that I have for you to help your edges grow longer and faster. At least be the same length of the rest of your hair is that I want you to […]

12 Ways to Repair your Frizzy, Static Electricity, Dry Hair!

repair your frizzy hair

repair frizzy & Static electricity Hair with 12 effect and quick ways in life 1.Satin pillowcase It actually sleeps on a satin pillowcase. This might sound like a weird idea to you. But it’s actually so good for your hair.  It actually will help cut down on any static or frizz plus that will also […]

20 Habits for Strong and Healthy Hair for Woman

Strong and Healthy Hair

20 Habits for Strong and Healthy Hair for Black Woman All of us dream of strong and healthy hair. But did you know that many of you regular care practices can actually harm and weaken your hair? Here are 20 habits that you need to adopt to protect your hair and help it grow healthy. Pay attention to number 18. In fact, that’s all […]

Rihanna Inspired Sleek Swoop Pony Tutorial


Rihanna Inspired Sleek Swoop Pony Tutorial Hi everybody, I’m here to show you guys exactly how I achieve this Rihanna inspired side sleep ponytail. Rihanna wore at the time for a charity event. I believe I wanted to try it myself. I know this look is super simple. and you’re like why would you do a tutorial in this.  But the main […]