Afro Hair :Would you want a Wedding of Afro Hairstyles?

Afro Hair for black woman

Afro Hair :Would you want a Wedding of Afro Hairstyles?

Do you think afro hairstyle for that very special wedding day? You may say it is real  crazy, cause for wedding girls  are all looking for some particular looking that will be different from what we look each day.And the casual Afros are of course not the styles to use. However, I will ask you to stop for a second and have a look at the below gallery of afro wedding hairstyles. So it  will win your hearts. Why Afros? firstly there is no any hairstyle for black women that can look equally natural. And looking sincere and authentic is very important on that essential day in your life.

weave braids

In addition to  afro hairstyles looks impressive. Even if you are used to wearing these black styles usually. For wedding style one single flower or tiny tiara could change it. And if you are on protective hairstyles’ side. Then going back to the roots with afro styles will be a worthy step. Well, enough talking, let’s get to see Afro Hair styles.

how to weave hair

Black women Afro hair with wedding hair accessories

To make your man’s heart melt at seeing you on wedding  day. No need to have the perfect dress but also the cutest hairstyle. Where accessories play a very significant part. Your daily Afro can be updated with flowers in head. Or jewel tiaras, or tiny headband that will convert you into the princess if  you want to be in  an instance.

how to weave hair

Natural curly black women hairstyles for wedding

Naturally curly hairstyles are good for black wedding because they maintain and preserve traditions and original looks. And always impressed with fantastic images they create. I understand that you might want to go for some unbelievable updo with braids and elegant design, but natural Afro styles are much better.

brading hair

Solange wedding Afro hairstyles

Beyoncé’s famous sister is a constant fan of natural black women hairstyles and even for her own wedding she decided to sport the nicest afro hairstyles.

full hair braid

Short wedding hairstyles for black women

Still mind that saying natural curls I do not mean that they shouldn’t be styled properly. Yes, these are the Afros that you can boast each day but for wedding day they should be smoothed and styled significantly, to give you the real bride look. This was just a brief overview of fabulous bridal afro styles ,would you want a wedding of afro hairstyles?

human braiding hair
hair brading

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