Afro Natural Hair: The Secret You Have to Know that Michelle Obama Went Natural

Michelle Obama

Afro Natural Hair: The Secret You Have to Know that Michelle Obama Went Natural

The internet went wild because Michelle Obama went natural. There was a long time that we had not seen the natural Michelle Obama because she was the first lady of America. In my mine, Michelle Obama is elegant, confident, beautiful and generous and full of strength.

That time, she belonged to the whole country. Finally, now, she can belong herself and her family. So she chooses the real herself. Live with the natural hair extensions, that is not a shame. Because Afro natural hair is the most beautiful in my heart.

Afro Natural Hair
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In the past, these are the Michelle Obama we can see(see the below picture). She was always elegant with her different human hairstyles. Long straight hair, short body wave wig, curly hair and all kinds of beauty hairstyles. She has to wear the wigs because she was the first lady. Beauty hair and gorgeous dress, that was the Michelle Obama we knew.

black lady
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But now, she is not the first lady any longer. She can live to follow her heart. So we can see this picture in each site and each social platform. “Michelle Obama went natural” became a hot spot after she left White House. Natural is beautiful. And in my opinion, Michelle Obama is always beautiful. Whatever she is in natural afro hair or beauty soft hair.

Michelle Obama is an enviable woman. Her husband loves her so much and she has a warm and happy family. I do think she is the happiest woman in the world.

happy familly
Michelle Obama is happy with a warm family

Rock Your Natural Hair, Whenever!!!

Now that Michelle Obama is a regular citizen of the United States, yes she really is just like us and was rocking her natural hair pulled back into a puff accessorized with a gray polka dot headband. As we all known, Natural hair girls everywhere, now it is the time to rejoice! And rejoice they did—keep reading for the most hilarious and praiseworthy comments to Michelle Obama being on #teamnatural.

fashion girls with natural hair
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Michelle Obama wearing her Afro Natural Hair is news. Better yet, national news and global even. This is really an inspiring news for us—black girls. You know, With the development of society, hair supply, hair stores, and hair salons become an important part of the city. More and more young black girls like to make hairstyles with all kinds of wigs. Actually, I can understand that. Because wigs are really more convenient to care and make hairstyles.

beauty hair story
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Although this is the first time we’ve seen Michelle Obama’s hair in its natural state, we are also excited about the new look. By the way, I believe that in the future, we can see more natural time in Michelle Obama. Wow, It seems that Afro Nature will become new popular again. Will you agree that? And yes, box braids would be everything! I always think braiding hairstyle is cool and amazing. Natural is back, and box braids will set off a whirlwind in the fashion field.

box braids
box braids hairstyles for black girls

Wow, can not wait that day. My lovely sisters, just let us rock the natural. Natural is real and beautiful.



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