6 Types Amazing Faux Locs Hairstyles Instagram Collection

Faux locs hairstyles

6 Types Amazing Faux Locs Hairstyles Instagram Collection

As faux locs crochet hair styles are more and more popular and fashion in recently years. So Let’s see the hottest and beautiful faux locs hairstyles with the quick look. You worth to try one style faux locks extensions. There are 6 types styles for introduce and reviews. Let’s see together! Welcome to add more and suggestions.

faux locs hair braids
faux locs hair braids for the black woman

1, Classical black faux locs dread

Do you remember the swept the world’s fashion hairstyle? Date, Street, shopping mall, you will see this faux locks dread everywhere. It dates back to a long history When we talked about this hair.We also could see  Rihana usually make this styles and appear in our sight.

faux locs dread
natural faux locs dread


black faux locs dread
black faux locs dread for braiding hair

2, faux locs colors

Color always the hot topic and theme for fashion in 2017. People try to use different bright and Dazzling color in hairstyles boldly, also used in faux locs braids. In summer, hair color will bring new trends again. Blue, gray, purple, green, red, yellow, which color would you like to try?

faux locs colors
faux locs colors blue
faux locs hair
faux locs hair for natural hair
faux locs extensions
purple faux locs extensions
faux locs accessories
faux locs brown

3, Faux lock natural style

You will find there are some new crochet braids super hot in American in the first half of this year. Yes, You are not wrong. One style is faux local natural hair. Sounds its name, it shows more natural and casual. When you see girls wear this hair, also shows her attitude for life. Accompanied by some small jewelry, it is so beauty.

Faux locs natural style
Faux locs natural style in American
faux locks braids
faux locks braids for braiding

4, Faux locs loose wave styles

Another one is Faux locs loose wave styles in American in the first half of this year. Sexy and intellectual, this is my first time see this new style thinking. Can you Imagine what amazing crochet braids could show a woman’s sexy totally!

Faux locs loose
Faux locs loose for braiding
Faux locs loose wave
natural Faux locs loose wave

5, ombre color faux locks braids

Innovation and infinite imagination are the beautiful and fashionable continuation.

Ombre faux locs hair proves that synthetic hair also could show the different side of beauty.

ombre color faux locs braids
ombre color faux locs braids hair

6, Cool improved faux locs hairstyles DIY

People want to try different, and we are different. All cool design from faux locs hairstyle come. Let us enjoy together about the amazing design.

faux locs DIY
faux locs DIY at home
faux locs
cool faux locs
faux locs hairstyles DIY
best faux locs hairstyles DIY


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