Beauty Suppliers:What should we do before make hairstyles ?

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Beauty Suppliers:What should we do before make hairstyles ?

Make your special products for care hair. African hair are straight, body wave,  curly. The care products need have the Olive oil or butter. Avoid to the care products have the ingredient of  Petrochemical.  cause these ingredient will let your hair dried. When wash the children hair. Need find the adapt age’s human hair extensions products.

Beauty Suppliers Correct Hair Care Products

Wash hair 

Wash hair every 7-14 days. First wet your hair is very important. Take some shampoo in your hands. Directly smear your scalp. Then wash hair with warm water.

Prevent frizz

After you wash your hair , Gently take your hair with Towel. Superfine fiber towel is the best choice. Just drain water with towel.

Deep protect

Improve the look and feeling of the dry or damaged hair. After  go to shower ,wash hair with hot water and leave all the water in hair. This protect hair need wet your hair. Cover the full hair with protect products but keep away your scalp.about 10-30 minute then hot the hair . You could try this serve in salon about every week two times. Always could keep your hair more beautiful and strong.

Comb hair

From neck to head, use hand and comb message your head and hair. Apart your hair to 2 part. Gently comb every part of the hair. We could also use our love oil for our hair. Will smell very relax.

Dry hair

3 ways of dry hair, choose one way is great. If you have very natural hair but want relax way. Dry hair in air naturally is a very relax way. Second way is use hood dryer to dry hair. Third way is use hair dryer.

Straight hair
we need use straighter in this step. It is also a important way before preparing the popular hairstyle. Attention the straighter is hot when use, so take care your ear or face be touched by hair straighter.

These step are necessary to prepare hair waves for styling. If you want your human hair waves looks better and better.Please follow this ways.

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