Beauty Supply I can afford, but still want you to send me in this season

Beauty Supply  I can afford, but still want you to send me in this season

Today, I got up and found that the beauty supply  stars scraper. And I asked the girls spoiled to sell to her to buy lipstick, boys are agree with the abuse of the promise. Really Caught off guard to eat a dog food. This is simply on the girl, there is nothing like to receive the people like to send lipstick  happier things? Probably not.

But I have a straight boyfriend saw the push after the disdain of the snorted. Said to me: “Lipstick only a few money things, you girls can not like to buy it? This money boys to spend, these women is how poor ?And then turned a big white-eyed look to me, as if waiting for my positive answer. I also turned a supercilious look: “You boys who really do not understand girls really live the single life. “A lipstick only, who can afford, but I still want you to give me. Because I want to know, you have no intentions like me.

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I have always felt that the best way to test a boy really is to let him buy a girl to beauty supply. Because to buy lipstick for straight men, it is almost impossible. I have a colleague, some time ago in the chase girl. He want to buy lipstick, but he did not know how to buy. He did not know the girl like the lipstick and color number, even I asked him the girl is White or yellow when they are confused .Then I told him a few sticks of lipstick will not go wrong, let him go to the mall to find their own, the results he went back a whole day, I saw him buy something more silent, in addition to a buy on the outside.

The other is not the brand wrong, the wrong color number, or else is to buy lip gloss into the lip gloss oil, pipe to buy into the side tube. I really know that time, for a never into the mall never more than an hour straight male, buy lipstick this thing is simply too painful .Before reading a photo, a grandfather bent over, holding a magnifying glass very carefully to the next grandmother in the selection of liquid foundation, I may be more superficial, I think this is more than two elderly hand in hand together more moving .After all, for a person you do not already familiar with the things they are not good at, you will clearly know.

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Lipstick YSL for girl

Why do girls always want to receive a lipstick from a boy?

Because as long as I think you clumsy and serious to me to choose lipstick look, as long as the thought of you to ask around for me, just think of you willingly to spend money for me, I will feel more you love a little, will be more love You little. Who rarely you a few hundred dollars, I want is to be your feeling of love.


I can afford Lipstick YSL

But I still want you to send me

Like the future I can buy a diamond ring

But I want to wear the one you bought for me

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