Are Box braids hairstyles attracted your heart in some moment?

box braids

Are  Box braids hairstyles attracted your heart in some moment?

Box braids change me

Some months ago, I saw the girls with the colorful box braids in street. It was really surprised  me in that moment. I never thought the box braids also could so beautiful for our black girls. All I used are Brazilian virgin hair all the time. After see the girls who wear the box braids hair are so cool and fashion. “Just try it! You could do this hairstyle!” there are some saying in our heart.

new crochet braids
new crochet braids supply

I am a black girl, I was wonder why I need wear other goods in make myself more beautiful when I was 7 years old. This hair difference with other person, made me down in many years. So what I wear hair are virgin hair, so makes my hair looks natural and soft.  When I across the box braids, she made me change my traditional mind of my unnatural hair. Why I can’t accept my natural hair so long time? Why other black girl could so accept the truth of our hair? So long time thinking for me about this question alone.

My hair store

Go to hair salon, finally I try to make a new  braids hairstyles. Look at myself in the mirror, what a real me here. I really no need to cover up or deceive myself. Do myself is so a great thing. Never happy I fell in that day. The cool girl with fashion box braids are real me. I have very big confidence after the hair thing. Brave to do myself.

braiding hair
braiding hair supply

I love virgin hair, love synthetic hair, love crochet braids, box braids. No longer keep black always. Colorful braids filled my life. Now I try everything I never try before. And start my hair business for some times already. Also find a good hair supplier. They give me much more helpful in my hair store. Hope you could also looking for the best yourself.

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