How to Braid for sewing in Hair Weave

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How to Braidings hair for sewing in Hair Weave

I’m going to show you how to do a braidings hair down for a short. That you can put up into a ponytail and wear down as well. Versatile is always the key when doing and having an amazing hairstyle. So let’s get started, now. We have a braid completed on this side of the head. We’re going to repeat this same braid on the other side of our head. So we’re going to clip this middle part up and move to the other side. Then we’re just going to bring it down. Once you get to the end of your braid, you don’t have to braid it all the way down to the end. Because this braid right here is going to be mixed in with the circle braid that you do in the middle. You’ll see what I mean by not having to braid these two particular braids all the way to the end. It’s not really necessary okay.

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Make the hair weaves more natural

When you braiding your all natural hair, then you can sew the hair clip to your head. Alright, normally, we can also use Three-edged cap.But you know, our natural hair to braids, will be more solid. Also more natural to see. Do you know U shape wig? Some people use the U wig with closure in front. But some will use her own natural hair which straightens. Normally, I will advise our sisters use our own natural hair. But you know, sometimes, not everyone’s hair is so soft and can be hairstyle so easily. Then, lace closure and lace frontal will be a good choice.

Normally, not only hair weaves but also crochet braids, we like to braiding our own hair then put them on our head. And the honest advice is that use your natural hair as soon as possible, then reduce use the cap.

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