Anytime means whenever in English. But when someone say Thank you, anytime means I am willing to do this. So anytime as one of the sub-brands in SedittyHair, the original intention must be “It is our great honor to serve you” from SedittyHair. Anytime including Anytime Nelly and Anytime Afro, both of them are wigs. Very beginning,these two wigs are made of synthetic makings. Although more and more people prefer high quality products like human hair, these two products are also always out of stock. Considering that so many people prefer Nelly and Afro and with the growth day by day, now, Anytime Afro have said goodbye to the synthetic making, and it is made of 100% virgin human hair.

Anytime, SedittyHair wish they can provide customers with a pleasant shopping experience and product experience in their practical action. And this belief is a powerful driving force for SedittyHair's growth.