Malaika is a newborns from SedittyHair these years. Its main products is hair closures in length 13*4 and 4*4. Malaika means angel in Africa, bring people beauty and happiness. Taking Malaika as the sub-brand,because as a match in wigs, hair closure is an essential part for making a full head. It brings us beautiful, like an angel was born of beauty,pure and natural. Although Malaika is a new one in hair market, it is still very popular in African. Only in one year, Malaika has known by black people. There is no doubt, Malaika is hot sale not only because its high quality but also its high-end packaging. It gives people a desire that you can not help loving it and eager to have it.

To meet the needs of customers, while giving customers the enjoyment of the visual beauty. Obviously, SedittyHair Malaika resolve this concept in most vividly.