How do Brazilian hair identify “good” or “bad” hair?

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Some people always have question in how to you know the good Brazilian hair or bad Brazilian hair. I think you maybe also have these same questions. Brazilian hair have  good reputation in long history. The impression and favorable for this hair are good quality hair. But as the social progress and consumption value developing. However it is good quality hair, but also have grade to apart quality for customer. So Brazilian hair supply also give most  black woman the hope of beauty.

brazilian hair
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Brazilian hair good quality

We could talking about this question in 2 views.

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Race view:

What is the standard of good quality hair ? Different country people will give you different answers. Good hair will match your skin, show the best yourself is perfect hair.  Straight long hair are perfect  for white people and Asia people. Curly and Afro hair are the best for black people. And these all the the old social point of views.

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Beauty view:

Natural ,soft,full, and Glossiness are good hair looks. The hair have enough water, Nutrition adequate, will makes hair better and Longer vitality. Also this nice hair will give people more confidence in beauty. Some people thought straight hair are will be good hair. This is bad point. But the curly or Afro hair are thought as bad. This is really wrong view in hair.

In my view, good hair depends on our heart and hair care in life. You can’t depends what hair you own, But you could change the quality or styles you want. Brazilian hair good  and famous in its Brazilian people’s confidence. So they could say their hair are totally good. They trust their own hair. Accept the natural ourselves are the best encourage. You want your hair good ,so your hair will be the best.

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