How to Style Brazilian Loose Wave at Home

loose wave hairstyle

How to Style Brazilian Loose Wave at Home

I have my natural hair pinned up let me actually pin this up a little bit Better. We’re actually going to curl this part last. I have this much leave out. I’m in my print in the previous clip.
So the first thing we are going to do is I need a comb. But the first thing I might even use a comb. So the first thing we’re going to do is just take little sections like this and we are going to curl it .

Now I like curling with a flat iron. I do have this up pretty high that’s probably wise smoking. don’t worry. I am going to turn it down. Once I hit my real hair but sometimes I like to have it up high just. So that I can get them nice bouncy curl like that once you get that nice seat. Look this hair even curls the ball I’m like seriously look at that. It is so amazing and this this is literally all virgin hair.There’s no synthetic mix or rumi hair mixed into this

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This is fully version and that’s something definitely lovely. We’re going to take this flexi rod . All we’re going to do is just hold that and curl it with the hair and wrap. It like so boom so easy not difficult at all. So um yet let’s do some more again. I mean you can use a comb. But this hair is just so like tangle free. You need a comb at the moment so again wrapping it slowly flicking wrist you want to just flick it Again. And you kind of want to let go some of their hair. Even if you have to like pre pinch it like that .

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It is Really An Easy Thing To Do That

I’m using the viewfinder as my mirror because I don’t have one. So this is all just winging it right now. That’s what you call skills okay so yeah so taking my flexi rod again. And you want to pin curl it like so wrap it in boom easy. So I’m going to the back. Then come back to you. once I hit this side and then we’re going to take them on down.

So that you can see how the hair falls. If you really like it and all that fancy picker. Then I’m going to probably wrap this one with a red one. But you do want to I do suggest like going up a little bit .And what I mean by that is go up here. And then start wrapping so that way you get an actual like really pretty curl out of it. So that’s what I’m going to do.

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So now that is act for a little bit I’m literally just going to just take these out super fast. It’s really easy all you have to do is just unroll it off. You get a curl like that it doesn’t have to be super neat because we don’t really want it to be super neat. We kind of want it to be nice and I don’t know I like volume so I little. I want a little bit of volume to it but with a nice beach wave. now if you do want it to be like super curl .You can go grab a little bit more hair in sections a little bit more smaller and do it that way.

And just sleep with it overnight and that way your curls will be tired but we’re not doing all that. Because that’s that look we’re going for okay. So now that all of the flexi rods are out we want to focus on the natural hair ever hang. Now that the leave is actually curled. We have a nice beach wave we are going to use butter shine and
I’m just going to grab a little little tiny piece of that . Basically just as that to my hair because since I’m natural this is actually going to stop my hair from Frizzing.

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Lovely Loose Style Done|

So it’s most needed we’re going to take some on this side. And I’m just going to kind taking this again on this side. Then I’m just going to iron it and do a little bump on that side. Then probably just let me see just going to add the rest to the other side. Now that we have that set to that we get to comb everything where it needs to be .So now what I want to do now that I have that all separated I am going to blend my natural hair a little bit more .And take that up this is a finished look so a lot of you ask me how do I achieve the curls.

Now you see how I do it very simple and easy. It doesn’t take too long about 30 minutes tops. Actually I don’t even think it took me that long but super easy hair do. So if you’re looking for something with a nice beach way here. it is and yeah you can actually lay down .I want to lay down my edges but
this is the finished look guys really pretty body I really like this hair an lot.

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