Celebrity Hairstyles:Best Beautiful Ways to Make in 2016

back hairstyles

Celebrity Hairstyles:Best Beautiful Ways to Make  in 2016

Annually on the  Fashion Awards.The most popular thing is their unbelievable hairstyles and their look. The designers of this events are the most famous in the world. No matter the ladies’ dressed or the men’ s  look even their hairstyle. Are always attracted a lot of reporters here to see such a grand banquet. Although there are many singers and actresses. This is mainly for the the modern car models. In this place,all the eyes are look at the fashion world.

About the long braids to the shortest bob haircuts. CFDA has introduced many kinds of styles. And there is no doubt that it is very popular in the world.

2016 Celebrity Hairstyles
Best Celebrity Hairstyles

Celebrity braids

Beyonce and Naomi both were wearing along braid. As you can see,they look smashing. Naomi looks great with simple braid on one side. And Bey although be with messy braid but looks quite well. It is so pretty and cool. As black famous and supermodel. They all show how beautiful black woman are. Choose correct hair supply and beauty supply are so important for famous woman stars.

Celebrity slicked back hairstyles 

Slicked back hairstyles are never obsolete.Until now. It has been the favorite hairstyles in many stars’ heart for several seasons to make them wear wet hairstyle in different events.In a word. whether slicked hair left loose,or ponytail,they are always very popular.


Celebrity updos on CFDA red carpet

back hairstyles
Celebrity slicked back hairstyles

Whenever, you can see updo hairstyle anywhere.  No matter how serious or significant is the show. There are always many famous star appear with the updo hairstyles.The top knot of Karlie looks casual while Olsen sister’s half updo also catch people’s eyes.


This is the hairstyle which discussed a lot at CFDA 2016. Perfectly center parted,body wave with 2 strands left out near the ears.This makes Ciara’ s hairstyle unique.

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