SedittyHair New Synthetic Corchet Braids Pre-Sale — Curly Crochet

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SedittyHair New Synthetic Corchet Braids Pre-Sale — Curly Crochet

Big news today. We never try such activity before, but now we did it. It will be the first time of our company to make the products pre-sale. Yes, IT IS THE FIRST TIME. Here below we will talk about this product in the detailed way.

This is a synthetic crochet hair. It’s name is curly crochet. There are 20 pcs in one package. Like normal, it will need 5-6 packages to make a full head. It is made by 100% Toyokalon Fiber, there is no doubt that it is in a high quality. Alright, there are two length in 3 curly styles. Large, Medium and Small curly style in 10” and 20”. Means there are 6 styles you can choose. Can you guys understand if I said like this? I think of course you can, right? Next, about color. I have said that this is a pre-sale product, so if you want to make an order, you can also OEM the color which one you want or which one is the hot one in your market. If not, we will provide you some popular color in the market, not so much, but some.

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And let’s talk about the package. As you can see, the main color for the package is bright pink and green. Lovely color match, yes? Hope you guys will love it. And like normal, you can see many detailed information about this product outside on the package.

Curly Crochet Introduction

Product Name : Curly Crochet

Material : 100% Toyokalon Fiber

Length : 10” & 20”

Style : (Large, Medium, Small) Curly Styles

Hair Type : Crochet Braid

Is the introduction clear enough to you? And will you know more about it ?Do you wanna make an order about it? If so, one thing I have to say is that it is a pre-sale product. And now we don’t have enough stock for your order.

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100% Toyokalon fiber hair



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