Naturally Curly to Straight Tutorial (No Heat Damage!)

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Naturally Curly to Straight Tutorial (No Heat Damage!)

today I’ll be showing you my flat ironing routine and how I blow-dry my hair.  I’ll be showing you how  I get from this really curly to straight hair. It is really sleek and straight. I don’t have any extensions weave anything. This is my 100% hair all mine.  If you’d like to know how I got it from this to this, then please keep watching. So as you can see I’m starting off with super curly hair.

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Curly to straight tools-Hydrating conditioner+ replenishing mask

My hair shrinks up so much look at this curl in order to make sure that you have long lasting flat iron hair. You want to make sure that you shampoo your hair and remove all the products build up in a dirt. So here I’m using the clarifying shampoo and I shampooed my hair twice. The next I took the hydrating conditioner. And also the deep conditioner and put that in my hair and I left it in for about 20 minutes And detangled my hair here.

My hair has no product in it whatsoever and but it feels super duper solved so here is the super serum which is going to be my heat protection. And I’m going to put that all over my hair. A lot of curly girls are under the assumption that we need big greasy oily products to flat iron our hair. This just leaves a lot of people with greasy and way down. Stiff results instead if you use a light product like this super serum.

Tourmaline ionic pro dryer

you’ll have moisturized hair that is still light and flowing. Now one of my top tips for successful training is the dish that thick and greasy oils and creams and up for a lighter moisturizing silicone based heat protection such as this super serum .This is a blow-dryer that I’ll be using and I’ll be using that nozzle attachment blow-dry my hair.

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A round brush is the best way to stretch tight curls

I’m going to be using a brown brush and this gives me the smoothest and most stressed-out results. so the first thing I do is brush through my hair.  and then I focus on the end my ends are the curliest part of my hair. so I want to make sure that they are stretched out. I just take the brush around my ends and roll it upwards. just kind of roll my ends around the brush while directing the heat. once I’m done focusing on my ends. then I take the brush over top and this helps to stretch out my roots .

Then I just direct you down the length of my hair while following it with a blow-dryer. so another thing that peoples with curly hair do is blow dry one-half of their head at a time. when you have curly hair. Curly hair roots you really want to break it down into sections so that you can really get your hair as stretched out as possible for me. the round brush does that the best because I’m really able to get close to my roots and stretch them out a lot.

Add the super serum to my ends before blow drying

Like my roots are super stretched out when I use a round brush I used to use a comb attachment. that wouldn’t give me as stretched out results. my hair would still be pretty curly. also, the comb would get stuck in my hair. brown brush although it does take some coordination and practice. it really makes your hair stretched up either. A way for my blow-dry setting I’m using it on high airflow and medium heat. and I do have to go over the sections more with using medium heat, but I prefer to use the medium. he’s been high heat because I really don’t want to damage my hair at all. I’d rather go over it and take longer time than to damage my hair permanently.

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Another brush-large around brush

we are showing you another brush that I use to blow-dry my hair curly to straight. it is a really large round brush. this one takes more coordination and it’s for a longer hair. but I really like it because I’m  able to get more hair on the brush and to roll it more. as you can see here, this just makes it easier to stretch out my hair. you can find these brushes pretty much anywhere online or in the store. Here I am almost done blow-drying my hair. my hair has never been this stretched out before I earn.

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Ceramic styling tool

I’m going to be using is this flat iron which has 100% ceramic plates. I do is take a section of my hair and I just brush through to get all of the tables out.  And I do the brush first and then the flat iron second. That’s what I do for my first pass for the second pass. I take the straightening comb which is heat resistant. So I take my flat iron first and then the comb second. This just gives me super deeper straight hair. He’s setting on the flat iron ranges from 140 to 400 degrees. Fahrenheit it doesn’t give you the exact temperature.

It’s a doll so I use the middle point which was around 300 to 325 degrees. Whenever I flat on my hair I never go 350 degrees that’s why it’s very important for me to get my hair as straight as possible when I blow it out. Because I’m not going to budge when it comes to that temperature. So this is why it’s really important to make sure that you’re using a good blow-dryer. taking your time while blow-drying your hair. Using small sections because if you prep your hair for the flat iron in the best way. Possible you don’t have to use as high temperatures.

How to use ceramic styling tool

So make sure that you’re not flat ironing a wash.  Go or just flat ironing half of your head when you have Super curly hair. So when I flat on my hair I take one pump of this super serum. I apply that to my ends just because it’s really great at detangling and offering moisture to my hair again.  Then I just take a small section and I brush through my hair. I like to use the brush first instead of a comb because I was getting some breakage when I was using a comb first.

Because the comb would get stuck on my ends. using heat and having tangles is not a good combination so by using the brush first, in the comb second. I’m able to smooth. so when I used to comb a second time it does not get caught in my hair at all. in here I am almost done.  you can see I kind of start to get a little happy the last time that I strained my hair. I actually left it straight forward month. Yes, a whole four weeks and usually the day. I wash it I will trim the ends which I would do this time.

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Under a hooded dryer for 15 minutes for the silk wrap

I plan on my hair once a year. no more than that because as you guys know a huge tip. I have and growing long hair. how grew my hair long is to avoid using excessive heat in the direct heat I do use myself.  But I do recommend to limit your use of direct heat. if your goal is to achieve super long hair. So next I will be wrapping my hair. As you can see I just took some of this super Sam and placed it on my ends. The next thing that I do is use this round brush to wrap my hair around my head. I’m doing now is this so grab.

This just helps to give my hair some body. And to also help my ends lay down and not be so frizzy and frayed looking. Once I’m done wrapping my hair I take some of the super serum again. I just put that all over my head then I take a regular brush and smooth my ends down. This really helps to smooth my ends and to make them as sleek as the top of my head. I take some saran wrap and I will sit underneath the dryer for 15 minutes on high heat. Now I’m done and I’m just taking my hair out. This is the final results of my routine. You could follow me this Naturally Curly to Straight Tutorial.

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