Dip Dyed Hair:Dip Dyed Hair Will Blow a Heavy Hair Storm in 2016

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Dip Dyed Hair:Dip Dyed Hair Will Blow a Heavy Hair Storm in 2016

It most certainly appears that dip dyed hair has taken the world by storm. The internet is literally flooded with how to dip dye hair guides. One of the best qualities of dip dyed hair is that regardless of whether you have blonde or brown hair, there is a hot color that can instantly transform your entire look! And best of all, dip dying hair can be done right at home, as color kits can easily be found at your nearest beauty supply store!

dip dye hair-Brazilian  ombre hair

Dip dye is usually done in unnatural bright colors applied only to the ends of your hair, however, for shorter hair, the color can start much higher. The dip dye is not as demanding to smooth blends of hues as balayage and ombre, so you can really do it yourself.


#1: Edgy Emerald Green-from sedittyhair

Green dip dye color is gaining speed in its popularity. It is super easy to achieve for any natural hair color, and, best of all, there is a wide array of green hues to choose from. You can be sure you’ll find the perfect tone!

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#2: Blue on Black- Hair weaves Brazilian hair

This stunning teal hue fits beautifully and effortlessly when paired with a jet black crown. Teal is a go-to color when you are ready for an edgier look that can still be described as

strikingly sexy. To obtain the deep color, be sure to bleach the tips.


human hair top piece
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#4: Elegant Mermaid Tones-Reasonable Brazilian Hair Bundle Deals

Virtually every young girl at some point dreams of becoming a mermaid. And by incorporating a stunning teal color into your dip dye hair style, you can easily obtain the perfect mermaid locks that you have always dreamed of! Teal is a remarkable choice for darker hair colors as it is easy to blend for a cool color contrast.

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#17: Majestic Blue on Light Brown-Brazilian keratin treatment

When it comes to popular dip dyed hair color choices. Blue is a simply gorgeous option, as it pairs vibrantly

well with dark hair and lighter tones. Regardless of what your natural hair color may be, you can find a blue hue to perfectly flatter you.


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#19: Lovely Lavender-Brazilian hair removal

Lavender and purple are hues with a mystical flair, but they are also very tender and feminine. These are truly the best unnatural go-to colors for dark hair.

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#20: Branch Out with Color-Brazilian hair NYC

Semi black, semi red dip dye hair looks marvelous, especially if it is done on naturally curly hair! Be sure not to start dyeing too high, but rather begin coloring mid shaft or lower.

Dip dye trend is not going anywhere anytime soon. And that’s a great thing! Being able to go wild and still look classy with a new hair color is certainly something we should all seek in dye jobs this season. It never hurts to branch out and have a little bit of fun, while updating your style.




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