Easy Hairstyles for Girls New trendy African Braids

Easy Hairstyles

Easy Hairstyles for Girls New trendy African Braids

Cause Africa perennial hot. Girls like the abundance of hair woven thick tiny braids. One can heat, and secondly also very easy to manage. But the fashion industry a lot of stars will evolve African braids hairstyle design a fashionable and easy hairstyles. Today let’s see these trendy African braids hairstyle how to make .

The African braids hairstyle is very lovely. With the long hair multicolored hair band together to take care of a plume pigtail. thick braids stacked together to form a structured braid hair wave type. Full of exotic colors, has a after the mysterious Cleopatra feeling it.

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China Lu Lu’s African braids plate made of hair. the hair from the forehead to the side a little as the center. To the surrounding small scorpion fine braids braid. Braided hair and finally all gathered in the back of the head together and set into lovely bud head. Innovative full of hair, cute elegance.

The non-mainstream easy hairstyles with  African braids of hair on one side of a small amount of hair in the ears as the center. Together with a red ribbon, woven into the hair scalp little short today scorpion braid. Spread to the surrounding, while occupying the head type of care. And the remaining hair into a fluffy multicolored distribute, contrasting with the weird hair gives new visual impact.

The standard of African braids hairstyle, the hair completely combed back, woven into fine small scorpion braid. Until the tail, decorated with colored ribbons on the tail of braided hair. Create fresh colorful African braid hairstyle.

With golden yellow ribbon woven with long straight hair will thin tails carved carded. Piled together, fall down, eyeful of golden yellow, it is very bright, like the sun in the sky, lively and vivid colors. Which is a vibrant African braids hairstyle.

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