Faux Locs VS Box Braids, Which one is your style?

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Faux Locs VS Box Braids, Which one is your style ?

About the faux locs and box braids both belongs to crochet braids, so have much Common ground. But they are two different styles, so today let’s see faux locs vs  box braids. Tell you the secret between faux locs and box braid you don’t know before.

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1.Hair Material compare

Faux locs VS box braids have many materials could choose. But common materials are synthetic and yarn fiber. Synthetic material is a little heavy in weight. But yarn fiber material is lightweight, will release much pressure for our head. If you have long and full human hair, you could totally use your own human hair braiding box braids. It is natural and healthy ways for making hair. Another way is to buy synthetic box braids for braiding in the salon.

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2.Install and care

The necessary tools in these two type hair install are crochet hooks. Similar use way here. Show faux locs vs box braids tutorial video. Usually, synthetic hair is temporary, will last 3 months-4months. In hair care, oil your scalp daily. Wash and condition every week will help hair looks best.

3.Color possible

For faux locs color, warm brown, red tones are great. Box braids black color are natural color , bright color and ombre color are much fashion. Girls love the colorful crochet braids, it is a good fashion trend.

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Faux locs braids restyle are so changeable and flexible. Faux locs Bob, Decorated with ornaments and mixed are cool and fashion. Box braids will be single in restyles, but its color change is so wonderful.

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5.Which celebrities are in use?

Most love box braids’ celebrities Zoe Kravitz, Beyoncé and Tia Mowry Jhené Aiko and Rihanna love faux locs braids so much. Here we show these celebrities’ graceful bearing with faux locs and box braids styles.

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