First Lady Michelle Obama: How Got Her Classic Hairstyle-From《ELLE》

first lady Michelle Obama

First Lady Michelle Obama: How Got Her Classic Hairstyle-From《ELLE》


We talked to FLOTUS’s hairstylists Johnny Wright and Yene Damtew about her Monday night look.


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Monday night at the Democratic National Convention, First Lady Michelle Obama radiated intelligence and grace as she declared her support for Hillary Clinton.

The First Lady also looked strong and beautiful. A key component of her look was the sleek, easy, and quietly glamorous soft waves she rocked on the podium, courtesy of her hairstylists, Johnny Wright—who has worked at Frederic Fekkai, and has been Artistic Director for L’Oreal for 15 years—and Yene Damtew, who began working with Wright straight out of school. The dynamic duo have been part of the FLOTUS glam squad for the past eight years.


YD:It’s a custom color. She has a natural dark-brown base color with caramel highlights. People see color and they think, “I want that.” And it’s not something you’re going to be able to just go to a store and get. When you think about a look, you have to customize it for that client. You have to take into consideration the health and integrity of their hair. The First Lady’s hair is natural, healthy, and strong, so it’s easy to play with color [for her].

JW: The technique is not just in custom coloring. It’s also in hand painting, which is something Yene specializes in. She paints that color in the hair to really frame Obama’s face and highlight certain parts of it. It’s brilliant.

YD: That also goes back to the cut as well. After Johnny cuts her hair and gives her the shape, I’ll go back in and place the color to accentuate the movement and showcase the cut.

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How did you end up on First Lady Michelle Obama  radar?

JW: I got hired to do her hair for an Essence photo shoot back in 2007, right after they announced that Barack Obama was running for the candidacy. We hit it off. Then I did her hair again for O Magazine. I moved to Los Angeles and started working at Fekkai, and while I was there, whenever she was on the west coast, her chief of staff would call me to keep her camera-ready for different events. And then, the first DNC happened, back in 2008, and that’s when I did her hair from start to finish. So I was able to relive that [at Monday night’s DNC.

Yene initially came to work with me as my assistant but she ended up being the First Daughters’ hairstylist and Mrs. Obama’s mom’s hairstylist. When I first got here, I was doing everybody and it was a little overwhelming, especially with Mrs. Obama’s schedule, so it made perfect sense for Yene to do the girls and her mom. So she’s been working with them for the past eight years. And then this year, we were using this colorist out of New York who’s fantastic, but [we had] a lot of scheduling issues. Yene grew a passion for coloring and we thought it was time for her to use her skills on the First Lady.


How has being the Obamas’ stylists changed your life?

JW: Tremendously. At this point, I’ve been to over 35 countries with them and I’ve traveled the world. It’s definitely opened my eyes a lot. I needed to learn about having a caution button. Being a hairstylist—being an artist and being creative—you typically have to speak from your heart and speak passionately. You’re not always considering how that may affect other people. I’ve learned a lot from being around the First Family and the political world: Being able to edit myself and tune in to other people’s feelings and thoughts and their impressions. I think that’s a beautiful thing to learn.




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