How to determine good hair or bad through your eyes?

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How to determine good hair or bad through your eyes?

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Our hair are grow with our age year by year. For every beauty girls,we all know we love our hair so much. Love our hair like our own baby. So we go to hair  salon to do different hairstyles or do hair care. All we do which we want show the lovely or charming one. After we do so many work in our hair. about one question i am not sure are you know. Now your hair are good quality or bad?So now i will tell you how  to determine their own hair good or bad. The following describes several life can easily do detection method.

First, the gloss test: Method: in the hair after cleaning, comb flat comb. Placed hair  in the opposite side of a mirror. The location in order to be able to clearly see his head. So that the light shot down from the top of the head, forming a crown-like circular halo.

determine good hair tips:

Inference: the brighter the circular halo, the better the hair gloss.

Flexibility test: Method: wash your hair before. Cut a small bundle of about an inch long hair, and then into the water.

Inference: hair quality is good or bad in 30 seconds will be able to see it. Hair is easy to sink the water quickly.

Smoothness test: Method: Comb from top to bottom combing the hair. Or forced rub a hair to see whether the end of the fork and fracture.

Inference: If the comb is always blocked in the same place. Then this place is the most fragile hair, the most  dry. The hair ends of the fork fracture is the beginning of fragile hair. Must be promptly controlled, treatment.

After the hair you order from different hair supplier. You could try this way to  know how to determine  hair good or bad ? Also you will know your human hair supplier good or bad?

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