Hair & Beauty Supply:How to Relaxing Your Hair Before Style?

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Hair & Beauty Supply:How to Relaxing Your Hair Before Style?

Every beauty all lover their natural hair so much. i think many skills about how to relaxing your hair should be know by every girl  hair beauty in our life. So hope this article could give you some help.

Prepared Your Favorite Products and Relaxer-Hair & Beauty Supply

Before you start, relax your hair for 3-5 days. take away usual  shampoo in market, if you want. But you could choose the shampoo who including Sulfate, which could make your hair very dry. Or you could choose the shampoo which have no sulfate ,but instead of  Flush-type regulator and Deep Care & beauty supply pay much more attentions for African woman. Try to make every hairstyles looks more beautilful.

About your scalp

2 steps to do this base your scalp. Apart your hair to 4 parts. Keep these 4 parts all have Hairpin to fix your hair. Smear the products we choose in every part of our hair and massage our scalp.


Take a towel on your shoulder. Do not apply the product past the line of demarcation–the point at which new growth meets previously relaxed hair. Repeat until each section is.


Smear products with your gloved hands. Comb will help products success into your hair. Which will take about you  10 minutes.

Wash hair with warm water

This step will wash off most of Chemicals. The  products like Shampoo and conditioner which left in your treatments. Repeat some times to do this step. Then deep condition in your hair. Keep the products in 20-30 minutes. Rinse your hair and apply a leave  in conditioner

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