Hair Beauty: Coloring Your Hair in 3 Steps at Home

Hair Beauty

Hair Beauty: Coloring Your Hair in 3 Steps at Home


Choose the correct  Hair coloring products

Disposable gloves



hair color list 

 Preparations color hair tools and start to color


Care adequate nutrition and protect in 1-2 weeks, before you ready to dyed your hair.  Also you should better not wash hair before dyed hair. To do this ,it will help to easy to colored on your hair, when your hair keep dry, it is a best timing for hair to be colored. Some hair has a little breakage. It’s better to do some protection to care hair. Make a hair film is good choice. If some hair have moderate breakage, looking for take care hair products which including a large number of protein is better.

二:Choose correct products for hair

5 different types of hair dyes we could choose. If you are looking for a color which could keep short time. Just try the color rinse or a temporary hair coloring products. Another good choice is Semi-permanent hair coloring products. This one will keep longer time than temporary hair coloring products. permanent hair coloring products, which including a small amount of peroxide. This products experience 24 times coloring in color. Permanent hair coloring products contain ammonia and peroxide. So this is why it could last so long time .

三:Start to coloring your hair

DIY dye hair ,maybe you want looking another person for help. But some clever would like to coloring hair by themselves. At home dye hair ,could help you save time to book in hair salon. Save much cost do this by ourselves at home. After you try this way to do, you will find a such a better girl.

After coloring did you think hair beauty than before? change a new color,change a new look. dye hair by yourself is a lot of fun than in a hair salon. no need hear from hair dresser’s advise hair products and hairstyles. save much more cost in beauty.

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