Hair Color Ideas:Human Hair Color Ideas for Black Women 2016

hair color ideas

Hair Color Ideas:Human Hair Color Ideas for Black Women 2016

Before going for any hair color we ask the same question: what is the best hair color for my skin tone? There is a stereotype like tanned or olive skin owners may not choose some shades such as blond or red.

But did you know that black skin owners also may opt for the following shades? I think you will be happy to know that today I am going to break all stereotypes and show you light and dark shades which will be a perfect choice for you. Get ready to see some cool 2016  summer human hair color ideas for black women.

Red Hair Color doe Dark Skin-difference between Brazilian and Peruvian hair

Red hair will add glow into your skin tone. But don’t forget that red is a general understanding so before going for this shade you need to know the right level of red to go ahead. So here are some tips for a red shade.Everything which is between dark auburn and bright cherry red shades will work perfect with your dark skin complexion. If you wear these shades you are going to have an outstanding look.

If you have decided to go for a full hair coloring so you need some lightening in order to avoid being a dark redhead and get a right shade for you.

Do you want to get red shades without working so have then opt for red hair highlights? Red hair highlights will add some fresh look to your locks.

By the way, black women should be careful before opting for a red shade because we know that a dark skin tone looks perfect with medium auburn and chestnut shades.

Blonde Hair Color for Black Women-great quality virgin hair

I have seen many dark skin celebrities wearing blonde shades. I can say that they look simply astonishing with their blonde hair and light lipstick. According to the hair colorists the best shades for dark skin tones are golden blonde, light blonde and beige. Tanned skin females should know that they must avoid blonde shades which are too much white, platinum and orange.

Light Hair Colors for Dark Skin-hair bundle sale

If you have warm undertones then opt for light hair colors. Light shades will add some radiance to your skin. If you have dark brown eyes then light shades will make your eyes even more visible.

Brown Shades-best online virgin hair

Besides, you can also pick up the richest shades of brown such as toffee, espresso, honey or golden blonde. You may start from lighter shades and try the various shades of brown. Highlights we also will be great for brightening up your look. I will not forget to mention the caramel brown which is as perfect as many other shades of brown for olive or tanned skin.




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