hair color in new winter 2016, would you want to try it?

New winter hair

hair color in new winter 2016, would you want to try it?

Hair color is sub-season, some hair color for spring and summer, some hair color is more suitable for autumn and winter. Some time ago popular pumpkin yellow hair colors, this fall and winter very popular food evokes the hair color resonance, but now, chocolate purple color and seize our eye, consider making it your autumn and winter hair color scheme ?does it will become new winter hair colors of 2016?

new winter hair color
New winter hair colors

Edelman, a New York-based hairdresser, often poems his own hair on the Instagram. Her latest work, Chocolate Purple, aroused our interest, adding a pink tone to the pretty milk chocolate color. Can you imagine the 90 s brown lipstick ? Simply perfect.

How does this color come from? Edelman said she would have wanted Pravana  Vivid coloring cream (a bright purple) to create a “natural” brown. “The deepest browns start by adding red, yellow and green, and then I added some orange and purple, and some random colors, until this chocolate violet.” She explored five different shades in order to adapt to different Guests of the original hair color: dark brown, warm brown, lilac and two different pink. Dyed human hair will be simple when the district, brush hair cream, purple and bright pink inoculation in the outer layer. “Although these colors are not normal colors, but with the brightness of the dark together will appear naturally is much more, which method makes this unusual tone looks natural.

dye hair colors

Edelman shows the process of hair dyeing, if you are interested, you may be able to try her method.


Before the start, hair color shows in this model.

chocolate purple hair color
chocolate purple hair

Hair brush on the tune of a good hair cream.


2016 winter hair
New winter hairstyle

Washed and dried, is a beautiful chocolate purple for new winter color . Our suggestion is that if you are fair complexion, you can add a little more purple into it. The human  hair colors in winter is really beautiful.

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