hair coloring:3 easy steps to dye hair color at home ?

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hair coloring:3 easy steps to dye hair color  at home ?

Synthetic hair coloring
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There is no way to change the  synthetic hair coloring? But also to maintain the same color permanently? However, although there is no way to make lighter synthetic hair dye, but there are ways to make color becomes more colorful it.

The first step to dramatically change the color of the synthetic hair, buy what you want the color of the liquid fiber hair dye. Four ounces of hair dyes dissolved in a gallon of water. Immerse hair dye, to soak for at least 45 minutes. Continue this process until you reach the color you want. Rinse hair, carefully according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

The second step if you want a wig some soft, a bottle of colorful lotion can solve. In order to make the hair color evenly, pour into a spray bottle with a floating lotion. Use spray hair, but don’t wash, dry, spray on if necessary.

The third step if you want to have fun in your hair, colorful stripes, with dyeing Sharpie logo or permanent dye fixative a a. Starting from the hair root, take dye fixative cutting-edge wide edge on the dry hair. Along the hair dyeing, until achieve the result of what you want. This will be a long, slow process. So there are a lot of free time to sit down and plan to do.

When to dye the wig before add hair dyes to dye VAT, hair to stay dry, it can achieve a more accurate dyeing effect. The color of the synthetic wigs the easier the lighter color. If you want to dye wig piece of bright color, silver or gold is the best choice. After dyeing, hang to dry it, like hanging in a paper towel rack, so don’t meet any other object, can be dried evenly.

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