hair damage:is it hair biggest killer under the Sunshine?

human hair protect

hair damage:is it hair biggest killer under the Sunshine?


hair damage
Is hair will damage under the Sun-

In the sunny summer. Although your beauty face  in Cream, sunscreen, sunglasses under heavy protection has been protected. But your natural hair is not applied sunscreen equipment. Maybe hair will damaged . UV is the number one enemy of hair, it will “steal” to the hair in the water. Fragile hair by the sun damage is about 3 times the skin. In the sun exposure, the hair often becomes yellow, fragile.

The sun will remove the moisture from the hair keratin. The hair loss of moisture and reduce the natural fat. Hair becomes like a clump of grass, no flexibility. With the warming of the weather.  Ultraviolet rays are becoming stronger and stronger. In the strong sunlight, the hair will be UV damage, but also make the hair dye faded. In fact, there is a very simple way is to smear the hair on the sunscreen. So you can avoid the sun on the hair damage.

hair damage affect

The sunscreen and distilled water by 1 to 3 ratio of mixing.  And then spray out in front of the hair, you can do a good job of the sun’s hair work. UV hair damage will become impetuous. Very affect the beauty of hair. To solve this problem only need to apply a little disposable hair care products can change. But also note that sometimes coated with more hair instead of thick. Increasing the burden of hair. The best hair in 7 into the dry time, the whole head spray some non-washing moisturizing products. It can not only give the hair nutritional supplements. But also the hair itself into the residual water pressure in the hair.about “will hair damage under the Sun?” this question,i think the answer are solved. No matter your own natural hair or African hair ,protect hair always a important thing for all the beauty.

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