Trick or Treat! Find Interesting Halloween Hair Extensions

wholesale halloween extensions

Trick or Treat! Find Interesting Halloween Hair Extensions

 halloween hair extensions
halloween hair extensions

Every year we need prepared this holiday for a long time. We enjoy and be happy about what we do. Of course, would you to find some   interesting Halloween hair extensions for yourself? Before you want dress yourself ,let’s review how Halloween comes.

Halloween is the meaning of “holy night”. Today, Halloween has become the most popular holiday of the year. Many players with great enthusiasm to celebrate this festival.

Halloween on October 31st, is actually praise autumn festival, like praise five new moon festival is Spring Festival. Ancient Gaul, Britain and Ireland, the priests, the druid’s praise autumn there is a grand festival. Starting on October 31, the midnight, on November 1, until the next day for a whole day. They think in the evening they will great death. Salman summoned all that year the ghost of dead people. These evil spirits to receive the punishment of the afterlife as beasts. Of course, as long as the thought of the ghosts of party. It is enough to make the mind at that time simple stultifying bile war heart we trust. Then they lit a bonfire, and closely monitored the evil spirits.

Halloween is all witches and Ghosts is began like this. Today in some isolated regions in Europe and believe this to be true.

Now in Europe, people consider Halloween is funny, tell ghost stories, and a chance to get to frighten each other. So people don’t view the holiday just to praise Autumn light, but to make it into a real “carnival”. And makeup is one of the traditional Halloween project.

The custom of Halloween

Halloween “trick or treat” is an interesting content. This custom is not derived from Ireland, but European Christian church started in the 9th century. Then on November 2th.

Donation cakes is said to be the somebody else all believe that the church monks pray. Looking forward to hearing from the shield of god. Thus let the dead relatives in heaven at an early date. This traditional went begging to today has evolved into the children carried pumpkin lantern went for candy. Met, the children dressed up as a ghost elves shape are the same to “trick or treat”,and master the nature can’t snub,  Jefferson said “trick or treat” At the same time, put the candy in children carry big pocket.

In addition, a pumpkin carving sky lanterns. It is originated from the ancient Ireland. Story is said that a man named JACK. One day JACK tricked the devil on a tree, then carved a cross on the stump. Threats to his can’t down demons, then JACK and the devil itself in chapter three. Let the demon promised to cast let JACK never crime for conditions to let him down the tree. After JACK’s death, his soul will neither heaven nor hell. So his undead had to rely on a small candle according to guide his wandering in between heaven and earth.

Now let’s start to choice the most interesting Halloween hair extensions and hair supply!

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