Hair Grades: Hair Extension Grading Guide To Human Hair Bundles

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Hair Grades: Hair Extension Grading Guide To Human Hair Bundles

Hair extensions “A” Grading system is a standard used by companies to advise factories know how thick they want the ends of their hair extensions. It does not actually reflect the quality of each strand, but the proportion of each strand.

This is Hair extension thickness grading starts at Grade A.This is the lowest grade available (Very thin and spindly), 8A Grade also known as Double Drawn is the highest grade available.The thicker the bundle of hair, and the higher the quality. This is also referred to us single or double drawn, whereby single drawn would be grade A, double drawn would be the highest listed grade, typically AAAAA or higher.

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SedittyHair’s Hair Grades depends on hair quality, thick from top to bottom, soft, and shed & tangle free. And there are 7A, 8A, and 9A hair grades in SedittyHair. Our products are made according to strict standards. The weight is guaranteed to be the exact weight. Normally, there are 100G in one hair bundle, whatever which grade it is.

7A, 8A, and 9A are all made by Human Hair. All of them need to get several programs to finish. We are strict in every programs to make sure that our customers can get the best hair from us to a beautiful look. Of course, there are must some difference in 7A, 8A, and 9A. Here comes below.

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What is 7A?

7A is the loweset grade than 8A and 9A. It is Brazilian Remy Hair with sliver label. There are different colors in this grade. Normally, you can only dye it in one time. Because if you always dye it in different color, it will be last in a very short time. It can last in 8month-12month if you can keep it with good care. It will be a little shed if you use it with brute force. We sell it with the most reasonable price.

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What is 8A?

8A is better than 7A. It is Brazilian Virgin Hair with gree label. This hair is the most popular in Africa. Because its quality is really good, but the price belongs to medium level. It is soft, no sheding and no tangle. It can last in 2-3 years if you can care it in a good way. Alright, you can dye, perm and bleach it.  It is the most worthy grade.

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What is 9A?

9A is the highest quality in SedittyHair. So its price is the most expencive. But after you know more about it, you will know, the price is never a problem here. It is Peruvian Virgin Hair with red label. It is soft, no sheding and no tangle. You can also dye, perm and bleach it. If you can keep it in a good way, it can last in 3-4years. Listen, this is not a joke or something. Our customers test this themselves. Maybe the price is a little high for it, but it is worthy. If you are the person who likes changing your hair color or your hairstyles, I strongly recommend that you buy 9A Peruvian Hair.

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