Hair Grow:How to make our natural hair grow fast?

hair grow

Hair Grow:How to make our natural hair grow fast?

Do you feel distressed about your short hair? Do you want your natural hair grow longer as soon as possible? Many young girls asked me this questions before. Although there is nothing wrong with short hair. Here still enclose some ideas about such questions. If you wanna know more, here below.

hair grow
Afro natural hair grow

Are you a beauty black girl, if yes, I think you will understand that it is not so easy as the Asians to grow a beauty long soft hair. We have to bear the birth of God who give us life also hair. Normally, we called our hair as Afro hair. Although Afro hair is also a popular fashion in the world. We want the soft hair as the same as the Yellow and White people. We envy their hair because that is really awesome for us. But don’t worry, although we are with Afro hair, we also can make it beauty and longer than before.

hair grow
beauty hair grow

The tips for making your hair grow fast

  1. Combing your hair with wide teeth hair comb in the morning and evening. Comb it when you get up and when you go to bed,appropriate hair can promote the scalp blood circulation, stimulate hair follicles to make hair grow faster, but be careful that not comb your hair when they are wet.
  2. Reduce to use hair dryer on your hair. You will find that Hair tail fork dry, or even hair rough problems have improved.Also,you will find that the hair grow faster than before.
  3. Massage the scalp with warm essential oils.Use the pulp gently massage the scalp, then you will find the hair becomes thick and soft and more glossy.
  4. Maintain good eating habits.(1) eat high protein content of food: eggs, milk, lean meat, beans, fish, yeast and so on. (2) eat more vegetables, fruits: which contains many of the necessary elements of hair elements. (3) more intake of vitamin B6, vitamin E: vitamins have to prevent white hair and promote the role of hair growth.

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