Hair styles: Beyonce and Rihana, which one is more beauty in your heart ?

beyonce's hairstyles

Hair styles: Beyonce and Rihana, which one is  more beauty in your heart ?

As a Black girl, my most  favorite love two black woman are Beyonce and Rihana. When I was in school, beyonce’s songs are most accompany me.

beyonce best hair
beyonce best hair styles

She always my Worshiped famous  star. Not only a famous singer, she also our black proud. Her dress and hair styles are always our black girls follow. She is a real give me more hopeful and confidence in our puberty. Do you think so?

hair styles
beyonce love hair styles

Now she Pregnant twins again. What a good and excited news for fans. Now see she is so happy in her career and family. After be a mother her hairstyle trends more natural hair styles.

 naural hair
beyonce’s naural hair waves

Now shows more picture of her natural hair style in recently life.

Love her so so much!

new hair style
new hair styles for black woman

My another super star are Rihana when her first  singles came. Her special voice and natural hair  in that time, as a black singer come , another big star for black woman proud. She is younger than Beyonce. Both singer and fashion designer also hair style designer. Their two effect in our black woman are so important for us. Their hair styles ,make up ,dress all become fashion. Like their songs classical and popular.

best hairstyle
best hairstyle for rihana

Between beyonce and Rihana,which one is more beauty in your heart? This is a difficult choose for us. But really want know the thinking of everybody. Or their hair styles which are your love! Comment your best result in our article. More surprise are waiting for you. The result will show in our Facebook page and Twitter. Welcome to join us!

rihana human hair
rihana human hair extensions

here shows some picture,you guy could compare the most beautiful black woman.Find more interesting article about hair waves,Celebrity and fashion.Welcome to subscribe our website Blog. Let’s be the beauty black girl together!Next time See you!

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