Is the hair are virgin unprocessed?

Yes, the hair is cut from one donor with full cuticle aligned, no acid bath, natural unprocessed.

Will the hair Shedding or Tangle?

The hair is double weft weaving with no shedding. And as virgin cuticle aligned with no tangle. It could last over a year if taken good care.

How many bundles for a full head?
12″-14″ 2 bundles, 16″-20″ 3 bundles, 22″-28″ 4 bundles. For more or a fuller look, then need about add one more on based.
How is the Length Measured?
The Straight Textures are measured true length, about the weave and curly textures are measured when the hair is pulled straight.
Can the hair be curled or straightened?
Since our hair is 100% real human hair, you can treat it as any natural hair. You can straighten or curl the hair as desired.

Can the hair be colored ?
Virgin human hair extensions can be Colored, the best hair types to color is Peruvian Virgin or Brazilian, but you should avoid bleaching the hair completely because harsh chemicals damage the hair.

How long does the hair last?
With proper installation and maintenance, our hair can possibly last anywhere from 2 to 3 years. However, it is important to keep in mind that dying and constant heat styling will shorten the lifespan of the hair.

How to maintain the hair at night?
You should never go to sleep with wet hair because it will matte your hair. It is also recommended to wrap your hair together in order to avoid tangling.

Can I go swimming with the hair?
You many go in swimming pools and hut-tubs, but you must be wash the hair immediately after swimming. If possible avoid swimming in salt water, because salt