Hair Weaves Will Rule the World All the Time Till 2017?

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Hair Weaves Will Rule the World All the Time Till 2017?

Hair waves to show girls fashionable and elegant femininity. But many girls think that the plate is the hair of the girls are the patents. Here give you a stylish and good-looking  short-hair  tutorial. So that the majority Amy’s short hair girls can also show a sweet and charming fashion temperament.

Hair Waves
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Make Hair Waves

Method / step:
The first step: The short hair with a comb to sort out a uniform effect. First set aside all the bangs, and then the front of the hair dividends both inside and outside the whole. The left side of the hair first made stringent braid.

The second step: The right side of the hair is also like the left side of the normal hair. This will be in accordance with the twisted braid to make a loosely twisted braid.

The third step: The two braids hair  made good at the tail of the blending together. And fixed with a small hairpin, and can use more.

The fourth step: Again in front of the status of bangs to wear Leopard hair feathers hoop.  Hair style fashion sense, so that the sexy and sweet coexistence of hair.

Step five: Hand to mobilize the back of the head hair, let it with a natural fluffy effect. This  made to chat more rigorous small half. So that the whole hair more lively and charming angry.

The back of the effect of the map: Fluffy hair and the sides of the braided the perfect combination. So that the head type even more type, also better lengthen the neck line.

Complete the effect of the map: The sweet and charming hairstyle, but also full of stylish personality temperament. So you can easily become the focus of attention . Like this fat hair made the girls can go to try.

hair waves are always girls talking topic. Colored hair weaves also become the most fashion and popular  hairstyles in this year. so will hair weave rule the world till 2017. Let see together!

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