Hair Weave:How to Sew In Hair Weave Is The Correct Way?

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Hair Weave:How to Sew In Hair Weave Is The Correct Way?

Sewing in hair weave really isn’t that hard. It is a matter of technique. The biggest problem I have with a tacky weave job is when I see someone with a hair weave and I really can tell it is not the person’s real hair. The hair is a different texture and color than the natural hair. If you can weave a head of hair that looks natural then you will have accomplished what you were supposed to.There are simple steps that can be taken to make a person’s hair looks professionally done even if using a professional can not be afforded. If you know how to hem a pair of pants sewing in a piece of hair weave is not too hard.

Things you will need:


hair clips

hair weave


ponytail holder

hair weave thread

very large needles

(curved or straight)

The first thing you need to do is make sure you are working with a clean head of hair.  And the hair you purchase is same color hair as your natural hair unless you are putting in highlights.

Here Are Some Tips For You

1.To get started you need to do is determine where you want the weave and how you want to style the hair. The second thing you need to do is start placing your braids in the appropriate places. Make sure you sew down the ends of any braids that are too long. If you or the person’s hair weave clip ins,you are doing is too short to put in braids then you will need to use a different technique for making wefts. Wefts are the foundation that you will be sewing the hair on.

2.There are different ways to do this but you will need to make a weft out of thread sewn onto the real hair. To achieve this, part the hair just as you would if you were braiding the hair. Take a threaded needle and grip the hair starting at either end. Put a little tension on the hair that is not braided and begin sewing as if you are hemming the hair all the way across but you want to sew the stitches close enough that you create a stable stiff platform to sew the hair weave bun on.Another way to achieve such a thing is to get a thin piece of synthetic hair, enough to make a braid and braid it into the hair.

3.Now you are ready to weave in the hair. Make sure you have several needles if you will put a lot of weave in the hair weave colors. Before you start, thread them all. Try not to thread them too short or too long.

4.Next measure and cut the hair placing the hair weave equal to your braids and leaving an extra half an inch before cutting just to make sure the weave hair does not come out too short.

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