Hair Weaves: Is Possible We Dye Our Hair Weaves?

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Hair Weaves: Is Possible We Dye Our Hair Weaves?

Most of the women you see in all kinds of beautifully colored weaves. Is possible we dye our hair weaves? The answer is:Of course. But the hair weave must be 100% human hair with the best quality. Normally,we can not only dye with the best quality human hair,but also can bleach and perm them. Virgin human hair weaves are also the longest lasting weaves. You can wear them for one year even longer. You may think if it is save to dye our human hair extensions. By all means “yes”. You can change your hair color as you like. It will make you feel more special because of your amazing hair color. But please do not always do that although it can make you more beautiful.

On the other hand,if your hair is synthetic hair,please don’t do that on your synthetic hair.Maybe you can try to wear different colors of synthetic wigs,but note that are without dyeing. Maybe the beautiful color is the original hair color on your wigs,that is OK. Synthetic hair is very different to human hair. There are a lot of details we need to pay attention for the synthetic hair wigs. Even in the dry-nurse.

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How to Protect Your Hair Weaves?

It is not easy to keep your hair weaves always alive but it is also not too difficult. If you want,you can keep them as the hair which grow on your head.

*Please wash your hair wigs once in 10-15 days.

*Please dry them in a natural way.

*Please make them soft with comb.

*Please use a bag to pack them if you don’t need to wear it.

*Please styling it with a suitable temperature like 45 degrees.

Please pay attention to the ways how to protect your hair weaves. It is very important if you want make you hair more natural and more beautiful.


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