Halle Berry’s legendary life the most famous black actress in the world

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Halle Berry’s legendary life the most famous black actress in the world

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She was born in 1966 in Cleveland, Ohio.

Halle Berry first stood in the spotlight in 1985.  She was “Miss Ohio” to participate in the United States under the 20-year-old Miss campaign at the age of 17.  And won “the United States young ladies.”

In 1986, she joined in the Miss America beauty contest and was elected “Miss America”.   Then in 1989, she appeared in the film “doll”. That was her first time to join the movie.

She collaborated with Eddie Murphy as Eddie’s girlfriend in The Stealing Mind in 1992, .

In 1994, Berry played a sexy mysterious role, named Sharon Stone in “Stone City Paradise”.

In 1999, she played the first Oscar-winning actress nominee, Dorothy Dandridge, in the biography “The Blood”.  This movie made  she win the 57th Golden Globe and the 52nd Emmy Award for best actress.In addition to be better,Berry had tried her best.

In 2000, she was “Storm” in the “X-Men” .

In 2003, Berry shooted “Men help” magazine  and became ” most sexy women in the world in 2003″. The same year,she won the first place of the most beautiful lady in “People” magazine. Halle Berry won the 25th Golden Raspberry Award for the worst actress with “Catwoman” in March 2005.

Then in 2007, she won “the best dress woman” in the magazine “Parade” .

Besides,in 2008, she was “Esquire” magazine as the most sexy woman alive.

In February 2014, Halle Berry nominated for the 40th Saturn Award for best actress with “deadly call”. And in May the same year, she starred in the “X-Men: reverse the future” release. then she starred in “Storm Woman” again.

She joined the “trump card agents: gold ring”in 2016.In order to beyond herself,she tried a lot.

Until now,Halle Berry was the first black actress who won Oscar in the history . Besides, she had the face people want to kiss and the body people want to embrace.  Although she had unfortunate childhood, marriage and a variety of discrimination,these had beyonded all of them. There is no doubt that she was the amazing history in the black actress.


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