Hot Sale Ombre Human Hair Brazilian Remy Hair For Black Girls


Hot Sale Ombre Human Hair Brazilian Remy Hair For Black Girls

Hello, guys. This is Becky from SedittyHair. A little bit excited that today I will introduce you guys some ombre hair with amazing color. Tada, 7A Brazilian remy hair.

Now, let’s talk about body wave, the most popular hairstyle for you guys. Here are two bundles. They are 100 Gram in each bundle.

And all the hair curtains are made by Professional craftsmanship. And see the bundles head, they are very full.

There are several colors for them, like natural color, blonde color, color 4 and all kinds of ombre color. Let’s see, this is natural color, this is blonde color, this is color 4, this is red, this is color 30, this is purple, and this one is color 27. So many choices, right? I am sure that they will have a great market if you take them home.

All the 7A Grade hair are in the same quality. They are no tangle, no shedding and naturally soft.

You can also dye and perm them. But same here, I will not advise you guys do those to your hair extensions. Those are really hurts, yes?

Also, they can be kept for 1-2 years if you guys can keep them with good care.

Now let’s go to the video and know more details about our 7A Brazilian remy hair.

After watching the video, do you have any more questions and want to know more details about us? Besides Hot Sale Ombre Human Hair, we have all kinds of hair extensions for your reference. Like human hair lace wigs, lace closures, lace frontals and all kinds of human hair bundles.

Please leave your message or send us to email to get more information. And wish you guys all the best and have a nice day. Thank you.

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