Hottest Short Haircuts:2016 Hottest Short Haircuts for Black Women

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Hottest Short Haircuts:2016 Hottest Short Haircuts for Black Women

Taking into account the fact that black women generally look for hairstyle inspiration for their hair type here we have collected some cool ideas of short haircuts that you can wear in 2016. It goes without saying that when you decide to cut your hair off you refer to a professional hairstylist to get the right style. But what if there are plenty of trendy ideas for you to offer yourself? Check out these short haircuts for black women and copy one of them in the near future. You need some change to feel more confident.

Hottest Short Haircuts:Here are the Tips to You

Short Bob Haircut for Black Women

Short bobs are considered as classy and elegant haircuts if they are in common and simple styles. These haircuts are very beautiful on monotone-colored or ombre hair and tend to grab attention both in straight and wavy styles. However if you are fond of simple and natural-looking bob haircuts then opt for this cute style. Just think of a shiny hair color to bring out your skin tone and make your eyes pop out.

Hottest Short Haircuts
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Short Pixie Haircut for Black Women

If short bobs are not for you then try out a low-maintenance short pixie haircut. They are so attractive and eye-catching. The majority of black celebrities today rock this haircut on their natural curls or just on straight hair. They prefer to style it into spiky, pompadour or any other hairstyle suitable for this length. Those who feel as if their dark pixie looks boyish and harsh can soften it with a light shade.

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hort Platinum Blonde Hair for Black Women

Don’t know which shade to take for your short haircut? Platinum blonde is the most demeaned hair color among black ladies. You know why? Because it helps them to draw attention to their dark skin tone and pretty, shiny eyes. While black blonde doesn’t work with black women’s long hair it ideally goes with short haircuts. No matter how dark your skin tone is you will surely find the matching shade of platinum blonde.

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Short Asymmetrical Haircut for Black Women

Probable you meet many Afro-American women with side shaved asymmetrical haircuts but you can wear a cuter asymmetrical shape without shaving the sides. There are half pixie and half bob haircuts which provide you with the desired unique haircut. This style doesn’t ask hair type and works well both with straight and curly locks. Those who like to experiment with original hair colors can dye their asymmetrical haircut into a fresh blonde or two-tone hair color.

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hort Curly Haircut for Black Women

Natural curls? Liven them up with a short rounded haircut. It can be this kind of nice bob or something closer to pixies. Since curly hair is usually thick and unruly short haircuts keep control over them and allow you to have a neat hairstyle. They are so pretty with short bangs which are blended with the rest of face framing strands. So, opt for one of these styles to take your hairstyle to the next level.

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