How to wash synthetic hair wig in the correctly way?

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How to wash synthetic hair wig in the correctly way?

Synthetic hair wig Fashion become woman or man’s daily necessary. When you look at yourself from the mirror, will you think the hair are so normal? Should I have a try to change my style from hairstyles? But I really no brave to dye a so bright or hyperbole hair color. And I have to change now. So I search online how could change new hairstyle easy and fast. Buy a synthetic hair wig is a good idea. So many different synthetic hair wig style could choose online. oh, my god! You could search everything online. so amazing!

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So I ordered 3 fashion synthetic hair wig online, I plan change hairstyle every week. My friends all surprised when see me change hairstyles so frequently. I am called “Variant queen”. But not very long time, I realized one trouble. That’s my beautiful synthetic hair wig become to make me uncomfortable.  I should wash them usually for avoid make my head sultry and sweet. Now share with every girl how to wash synthetic hair wig and make them back to glamorous again.

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Tips for wash synthetic hair wig:

  1. Water temperature: Warm temperature water is best for synthetic hair material. No too hot or cold are best for wash hair. Please attention, it is synthetic hair wig. Don’t wash them as your own human hair.
  2. Shampoo: Shampoo choose decides the hair clean or not. Use gentle shampoo good for wash synthetic hair wig.
  3. Gently wash it, then soak for 5 minutes
  4. Rinse: This step please use cold water for rinse hair
  5. Conditioner: Replacement of Silicone Reagents
  6. Wrapped with towels and Drying in the natural wind.
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Now all of the steps already write here. Just my personal experience in a wash and care synthetic hair wig. Any question or suggestion in care synthetic hair wig, welcome to inform us.

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