Human Hair Extension or Synthetic Hair Choose Which One ?

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Human Hair Extension or Synthetic Hair Choose Which One ?

Many people thinks wig made with fake hair material. But In fact, synthetic hair and human hair are two different types hair. Human hair are come from young girl and woman’s hair. It is healthy, top quality, more natural. So choose human hair are totally correct idea. The premise is you don’t care about the hair cost. It is better you have capability to choose human hair which is good quality hair . Of course, you  also have another choice. If you do not want pay so much cost in hair. Your purpose just want try new or interesting  hairstyle for Special occasions or for fun. I recommend you could choose Synthetic hair wigs.

First, the synthetic hair easy for care and low cost. Also it is have more different styles for change.  Second, synthetic hair looks crazy smooth and light. it has the biggest characteristic, could change every colors  you want dye. Third, it will last long time and the styles still could keep and no any change.



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As the market for wig processing and manufacturing technology gradually increased.Some wig even can’t easy to apart it is synthetic hair or human hair. In particular, you have enough Experience in Wig industry. You will easy to know about hair extensions.  One big different difference between synthetic hair and human hair. Good quality human hair could dying color and change styles many times when you use. Some classic styles, for example, body wave, straight , curly, deep wave. Change color or styles will last for some time. But the synthetic hair ,if you iron and dying hair, will damaged permanent.

Above the difference between synthetic hair and human hair, I think, it is clear to choose hair for many people. The hairstyle of hair extensions choose, also have many knowledge to learn.




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