Human hair supply :Does eating tomatoes affects the human hair?

human hair supply

Human hair supply:Does eating tomatoes affects the human hair?

This is really an interesting question about human hair supply. We usually talk about human hair like: hairstyles, hair color, hair use and care. But food we not usually say it with our hair. It is really pay important effect for hair. So you could see why some girls hair are looks so natural and Shiny in street. But some girls hair are looks bad ,also make all of herself down. So today let us talk about the food and human hair supply relationship. Girls and boys ,come on, catch the new knowledge to make your more and more dazzling and energetic. Let the friends around to envy to go!

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Human hair imbalanced Immunity:

The important  ingredient of the Fresh tomato are Carotene pigment “lycopene”

It is a Chemical compounds, very good for fight with cancer. But excessive intake of this phytochemical can interfere with the regular activities of our immune system and slow it down. As a result, our body loses its ability to protect itself from several common microbial (bacterial, fungal and viral) diseases. At the same time it also becomes incapable of repairing the existing physical damages.

Tomatoes are very good for your hair and skin. The lycopene are have big effect in clean ingredient.

1, Skin care effect is obvious

You could enjoy the this save money and easy way for protect skin. Just use tomatoes slice to pieces and put them in our face. Keep about 10 minutes then clean your face with warm water is ok.

2, Hair care function is remarkable

Eat tomatoes our body will absorb ingredient for make hair more Supple and shiny.

Also you could  Squeeze the tomatoes into mud. Its function and conditioner function like.

Thanks for everyone to see our article, More good and interesting about hair extension waiting for you!

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