Human Hair Wigs: How to distinguish human hair wigs?

100% human hair wigs

Human Hair Wigs: How to distinguish human hair wigs?

Human hair wigs is a high-grade wig. Real hair wig is made with a real human hair. The process of hand-crocheting will be hair, in accordance with the growth of hair flow with the buckle Knot the way fixed to the top of the wig bottom of the head with a high simulation scalp mesh material. So,you can easily split it. How to distinguish human hair wigs? Here are some tips for your reference. Choose a small strand of hair to burn, the smell of real hair is barbecue flavor.While heat-resistant silk is the plastic taste.

Then about burned ashes, twist into a powder is real fat, agglomerate is Add heat-resistant wire. The final heat-resistant wire because the maximum heat temperature is 180-200 degrees Celsius. So you can choose a strand of hair with a straight bar clip or electric bar the maximum temperature of 220 degrees to heat straighten or do curvature, no coke paste is real hair, there is a hot paste add paste heat.

How to protect your human hair wigs in a good way?

Normally,there are Peruvian virgin human hair and Brazilian virgin human hair. And these two are the human hair which with the best quality. Also,these two are the hot sale wigs in the hair market. But how to protect your hair wigs? Actually,it is the same,whatever which grade hair you are using. Hair wigs have the characteristics like soft , elasticity, and authenticity. Wash the wig with water soak, soak in shampoo with warm water.Then rinse with water foam, and then conditioner care.Then dry it in a natural way. You can make any hairstyle according to your need. Hair wigs need to be re-shaped after each wash. You can use a variety of combing tools to make it softer and make the hairstyle you want.

Normally,if your hair is Peruvian human hair or Brazilian human hair,It is always can be dye,bleach and perm. And if you want your hair with variety modeling,I advise you can choose the straight one because it is easier to make kinds of hairstyle.


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