Human Hair: Me and my Customer’s Story

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Human Hair:How to Talk About Your Customer’s Story?

Hey guys,welcome to our story. You must be curiosity about who I am, and why write this story.Here comes.

This is her second job after her graduated, first job is working for a audio factory. Before she start to do the second job, she want to be a customer designer, but she never learn anything about designer, her major is international economic and trade in university, when she open the door of a human hair company’ office. She doesn’t know. Her hair business just start. And never stop

A Young Guy With Our Story

Meachel  is a black guy in Ghana,she met him in  Facebook. Received  message from Meachel  in Facebook. Just say hello with me. I like to share my life ,my hair business ,my family. I love my hair business, so many beautiful human hair pictures in my Facebook.  Meachel talked to me he want start to help his customer looking for hair. First know meachel is for human hair business. Brazilian human hair  20 inch 10 pieces body wave and natural color. This is his first order with me. After he done the payment. After 2 days he received goods.

His customer is love our natural  human hair so much from his feedback. I also give some suggestion in how to care human hair bundles. Share with him about the most popular hairstyle. hair color, good news of business. He always call me, and share the life in Ghana. I also invite him to China someday. In hair business or live ,we are always  good friends.

For a seller,the most important thing is building believing with his customers. Actually, what your customers need is not only the best quality human hair or other products. It is not easy that you can know each other then build a kind of relationship. He is not only your business partner,but also your friends in your daily life. And they are a part of your life and give you something more than just business profit。






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