SedittyHair New Arrival Synthetic Crochet Jerry Curl Hair

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SedittyHair New Arrival Synthetic Crochet Jerry Curl Hair

Congratulations first. SedittyHair’s new product are on sale this month. This time, the new is synthetic crochet hair jerry curl style. Also A hot one in African market nowadays.

Jerry Curl hairstyle is a popular hairstyle before Broom head became popular in Africa. It is general black people who own curly hair after the formation of hair, you can refer to Michael Jackson early hairstyle. How many you know about jerry curl hair? As I known, when your Afro hair grows long, then you can make the jerry curl hairstyle with the long Afro hair.

jerry curl
hot sale jerry curl hairstyle

Wow, it seems that everything in the world has its special story. Actually, it is really like that. Even your hair and your new hairstyle which make from hair salon, there would be a story. Anyway, What we should know is that, in the early Africa, Jerry Curl is popular through the black people. It was fashion before. And you should know, fashion will never pass away, and we call it classical.

The Knowledge of Jerry Curl Hair

jerry curl hair
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OK, now let us talk about the new products from SedittyHair. As we all known, SedittyHair is always give us surprise. They often have new activities. I have to say that their design department is really great and awesome. Right, their company is really the best hair supplier for the hair businessman. Never satisfied with the status quo, just want to continue to bring customers to experience innovation. This is an excellent and powerful company’s essential qualities.

synthetic curly hair
hot sale synthetic hair

Jerry Curl hair is made of 100% kanekalon Fiber. It is the best synthetic material. It is 18 inches. And there are 4 pieces in one package, you can make a full head in one package. Although it is synthetic hair, but you can see when you touch it, it is really natural and soft. It is made of flame retardant, so it is very safe. But you also should keep them far away from fire and high temperature. Because safe is the most important. There are different colors in this product. For consumers, species diversity is a good thing.

Crochet Braids Hair in SedittyHair

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fashion hair color in 2017

Jerry curl just only one of crochet hairstyles from sedittyhair Company. Besides, they had been withdrawn to a series of crochet hair In the last year. Like 3D cubic braids, Senegal twist, rumba twist, box braids and faux locs. All of them are the classic style in the crochet hair in African.

All of them were taken synthetic material superior. SedittyHair features the finest quality 100% premier hair for weaving and braiding extensions. And they are specially design to provide you with the look,feel,texture and styles that you desire. And all of our products are inspected by our specially trained quality control department to make sure you always receive superior merchandise.

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