How to Blend Your Lace Wig Cap no glue?

lace wig cap

How to Blend Your Lace Wig Cap no glue?

Lace wig cap start off by bleaching the knot

You’ll enjoy learning how to make your wig cap in wig go from this to this by continuing to watch this article. So, of course, we are using seditty hair lace wig. this is the lace wig in an 18 inch and it’s the body wave wig. Now  I’m going to start off by bleaching the knot. I feel like this is kind of repetitive on all of my article but it is very important. A lot of people ask me what kind do I use and I use the seditty hair products you could see.  If you get a little bleach on the hair. Here’s a little tip just spray it with a spray bottle.  And pinch it off with your fingers. Everything will be just fine. Of course, plucking, if I was doing this on a client I wouldn’t plug as much.  So I can last as long as possible.

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The key to blend lace wig cap

As you can see it looks very natural and it’s definitely. It is going to help the lace look as natural as possible when it’s all in the head. So here’s my model and what we’re going

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to do is you’ve got speed glue to flick our edges back and make a cap steak. And I’m going to use just a little bit of hairspray. As well so now that thick fan it has got to go. This is the key to helping it blend even more in with partying. It makes your parting look a lot more natural.

lace frontal
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Install wig

If she were to take this off she can always put it right back on. Without using gossip glue or anything and the cap will stay. So now we’re going to put the wig on. I was actually just checking the feed to make sure it will blend. It’s really just that simple you guys. I’m all about working smarter not harder as you can see. I’m cutting the lace that I’m cutting like slight zigzag I’m going to give you. A close-up look at that but that’s exactly how you cut it what you want it to look very natural without a lot of a beer.

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So you see if you look closely you can see I throw a little zigzag. It still just plants it with her skin really well. I also like to mention that this way can be taken off. So this is a distance all wrong and so now I’m going to show you guys the part. This is where the cap really comes in it gives those really nice defined natural looking parts. Also for the bag, this is just to show the full lace wig parting you can part it anywhere literally. I really love their lace wig line because their lace is really transparent. So it pretty much blends with any skin tone. It looks very natural which I love. So I hope you guys enjoyed this quick little tutorial.

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