Lace wig supply,The knowledge of wig you never known before!

Lace wig supply

Lace wig supply,The knowledge of wig you never known before!

 The procedures of making wigs are complex but miraculous, and the following is a brief introduction. If you are interested in being an unique female and gaining a deep acquaintance on wigs, here we go:

Lace wig supply
Lace wig supply samples

 cleaning hair in advance.

And then dry the hair which has been cleaned, dyed and some other procedures by dehydration machine. Inverting the hair by inverted hair machine following the last step.

Lace wig supply
Lace wig supply in African

using the laser cutting machine cut the lace scalp net to size.

 Manufacturing the sticky paper and flannel. The length and the width of the net nearing the ears should be the same.

lace wigs buy
cosplay wig

Lace wig supply steps

styling the net pattern by the special liquid medicine through ultrasonic equipment.

So later the lace scalp can be cut by putting it upside down on the head of a model basing on the requirement of customers.

lace wig baby hair
lace wig aliexpress

checking the size of the hair sample and making sure whether it is in concert with the sample. Next, drawing the lace scalp accurately through the requirement of the template’ shape .

When the lace scalp is put into operating, the highest temperature during the process cannot exceeds  50 degrees Celsius.


 hand making the wig in the spirit of the requirement on the specification. In addition, paying attention to every detail during the process of knitting the wig. Making sure that there must not be even a single sloppy stitch.

lace wig no glue or tape
making the wig

 Guaranteeing the color of the thread used is in accordance with the wig’s. During the process of knitting, don’t miss even a single stitch. Besides, the hair of the wig should be similar on the height and the weaving also should be neat rather than the one which is unevenly bitten.

lace wig grip
lace wig group training


  Maybe the process of manufacturing wigs is not as interesting as people think about. However, women would show their crush on wigs in that girls want to be unique and they’d like to be amazing.

lace wig for men
lace wig frontal human hair

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