Ladygaga—Amazing woman you never know before

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Ladygaga—The Amazing woman you never know before

LadyGaga, because of her exaggerated bold dress and boarded the major magazine news hot search. Almost everyone knows her, her dress has often become a hot topic in people’s mouth. This is why she is always so hot in people’s eyes.

However, this is only the surface of her, but not the most real her.

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LadyGaga was born in Manhattan, New York. From an early age she showed the talent of the music different from ordinary people.  In 19th years old,she published the top of the major music. And her record sales in the first week is as high as 24,000.

In addition to the amazing talent in music and achieved a degree of attainments. She is also a low-key philanthropist, focusing on many public projects.

On February 20th, 2009, she donated its proceeds to the Odyssey Charter School and Primary School in Los Angeles.

In 2010,she continued to “The Monster Ball Tour” did not forget the public interest. She attended to contain AIDS prevention and many public welfare activities.  She held on a concert in New York. The concert incomes was donated to the strong earthquake Of Haiti victims.

On March 11th, 2011, earthquake occurred in 9.0 and triggered a tsunami located in eastern Japan, she  immediately on the network to sell their own designed disaster relief bracelet in the next day. And recruit fans and European and American stars.They donated money to respond to the disaster.  She even donated 1.5 million US dollars to the earthquake in Japan Victims.

She is really an superior star all over the word. Whatever how the people think of her,she is still a famous star in the world.I really love her so much.What about you? If not,I think you should know more stories of hers. Her fans hope that she will be better,so do I.

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