Why do woman have long hair in all the world?

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Why do woman have long hair in all the world?

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Recently a male friends ask me a question, make me stop and thinking for a long time. The question is why do woman have long hair. Yes. Why most our woman have  hair hairstyles than male. So I make a small survey for this doubt. In our daily life, It seems become our female remark. Young girls, woman all love to keep  hairs came in our eyes. Now let’s analyze some reasons.

long hairstyles
long hairstyles for black woman

Physiological:  woman have long hair cause Estrogen make big important in our body. Which make female much difference with male body. It provides the hair grows longer for a female hormone given to the girl. If Estrogen lacks, woman will probably grow moustaches.

Difference: The difference between woman and man are hair. Long hair always shows the charming and special. The trendy from long time ago to now are stable looking. Short hair for man shows the handsome or refreshing.

long hair
long hair styles

Hair care: in woman’s hair care products have many ingredient for promote hair growth and good. And in man’s hair care products in market most useful for male’s hair quality.

Beauty: Long hairstyles shows the female feature. Although short hairstyles are popular for seasons for girls. The long weaves always the fashion styles no change. A good idea for long inch hair for beautiful woman could avoid some Shortcomings in face or body. This is clever woman behave. tender. Considerate, intellectual, attractive all are advantages. Most male were attracted by long hair woman in life.

long curl hair
long curl hair supply

Long hair styles popular

2017 new year fashion trends will also come back again in beauty hair. Hair stores will shows the trends of long hairstyles products. About hair bundles long inch also become the hot selling in hair market for African. The natural hair or ombre hair also the new trends in beauty.

long hair waves
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