Long hair:How does it feel to be a long human hair girl in African?

long straight hair

Long hair:How does it feel to be a long human hair girl in African?


As an African girl ,I really want write an article like this topic. I really wonder how does it feel to be a long hair girl. So I come to interview some of my best friend in Southeast Asia. Tell the true, sometime I am envy her a lot cause for her long natural and perfect hair. Now let us see what her saying. Oh my god ! I can’t wait to share with you guys about this topic. Now let we start!

long human hair
beauty long human hair in African

Question: How does it feel to be a long human hair girl

Mishell: Hi everyone, I am mishell and from Malaysia .Before I was a short cut girl. Same hairstyles with my mother. The hair is very short like a boy. I said I really want grow long hair, But my mother opposition my this idea. Then I leave and have a travel, in this period my long grow fast and long. About 2 years , final I become a long-haired girl. I am so happy I could become what I want to be. Now i own the best and beauty long hair, get many praise and envy from our around friends. Like now, My best Black girl friend Rachel ,are review me about long hair this question.

best deep hair
best deep hair supply in African

After I heard my long-haired girl friend saying. Long hair should be belong to every beautiful girls. Bring us more confident and good feeling. You know our African girl.So I want to say African girl also have very natural and long hair. Now just find a correct hair company or stores. Buy your own long hair is fine. Over 28” Peruvian hair and Brazilian hair are the best choose for us.

long curly hair
long curly hair for african girl

From now on, don’t loss your confident! If you want long hair ,just  get it . If you want beauty, just confident from our deep heart. It is so easy. Just follow us and let be beauty African girl together.

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