Make hair smooth and silky: How can you have smooth and silky hair

Make hair smooth and silky

Make hair smooth and silky: How can you have smooth and silky hair?

I think all girls want to make hair smooth and silky actually. At least, As a girl, I really love the smooth and silky hair. What about you?
Alright,now let us talk about the smooth hair first. When we talk about smooth hair, what is your first idea in your mind? The idea in my mind is Chocolate, smooth like chocolate. It sounds really good, right?

Make hair smooth and silky
smooth human hair

It is not hard to have smooth hair. With the proper care, you can have it easily.

The first step to this should be proper shampoo and condition. Hair looks best when they are clean, and shampoo serves this purpose. It doesn’t matter what kind of shampoo you are using for your hair. Because the use of shampoo is to help you clean your hair and make them strip away the dirt and the grease. Hair also have life, and it lives in our body and need nutrition to make them stronger and longer. Then we can use some oil and nutrients to wash our hair after shampoo. You can wash your hair every 3 days by shampoo. But if your hair feel greasy after you use the hair care products, you can also wash your hair every 2 days. That depends on your hair quality. Of course, at this time, shampoo is the most important part for your hair.

Make hair smooth and silky
silky hair

The 2nd thing is the hair oil solution. Normally, we may ignore this for our hair. Actually, our hair need this item. Using oil one day before you use shampoo to wash your hair, that can make your hair more smooth. Also its a natural heat protectant so you can use it before blowdrying or before any kind of heat application.

After you read this article, do you think you know more about the smooth hair? Wish it can give some useful suggestions.

Make hair smooth and silky
peruvian human hair

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